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Fire is a traumatic experience that causes a devastating loss. Apart from the emotional distress caused by the fire, the aftermath can be just as traumatizing because you are faced with the reality of the severity of the damage to property. This is why it is important to employ a fire damage restoration service immediately. At Water Damage Miami, we are committed to helping you restore your home to its original state. After the restoration process, it is easier to get your life back to normal.

The Importance of Immediate Fire Damage Restoration

It is important that you seek professional help immediately when it comes to fire damage restoration. Once the fire trucks leave, you will realize that the damage is not only caused by the fire. It is highly likely that there will be flooding caused by the efforts to put out the fire.

a. Safety Measure

After a fire, it is best if you do not stay in the burned building because you are exposed to potential danger. It is unsafe to stay in the building after a fire, which is why it is important to limit your movements around the house after the fire has been put out. First, the smoke damage can be harmful to your health. The smell of fire can linger in your home or office for months on end even if you air out the smoke.

In addition to this, the structure of your home will be weak after a fire. If you stay in the building after a fire, you are exposing yourself to more danger than necessary. Since the floor is wet, you can slip and land on electrical hazards, which is extremely dangerous. Moreover, there can also be broken plumbing or exposed electrical wires, which can be risky for those residing in the burnt building. You are also exposed to products that have been damaged by fire. While your kitchen and cleaning products are safe to use before the fire, the quality of these products is now spoiled. Another potential danger arises from the fact that the components in these products can be mixed with one another and result in an unpleasant reaction.

b. Saving Valuables

If you were quick to call the authorities regarding the fire, it highly likely that you can still save some of your belongings. When you decide to clean up the fire yourself, you can end up destroying the item by inappropriate cleaning procedures. This is why we employ different cleaning methods that are appropriate to the current condition of your items.

Professionals, such as those working in Water Damage Miami, know how to restore your valuable items, especially those with high value like jewelry and electronics. You would be able to minimize your expenses after a fire because you do not need to replace your belongings if you can just restore them.

c. Ease of Cleaning

Another advantage of hiring a professional fire damage restoration team like Water Damage Miami is that you can expect a more thorough cleanup of the damaged area. Even if the structure of the home is unaffected, the fire will leave visible traces and stains on your walls and other surfaces. Cleaning up the water that was used to put out the fire can also be difficult and dangerous after a fire if you do it on your own.

These three factors are the most basic benefits provided by Water Damage Miami when you call for their service after a fire. You are likely to save up on potential expenses when you hire a professional to restore your home or office. In addition to this, you can also save up on time and effort. You do not want to overburden yourself, especially after you have faced the trauma of a fire.

Why Choose Water Damage Miami

Quick Response

With Water Damage Miami, we aim to do the job right in the quickest possible time. We know how important it is to work in an efficient manner because it eliminates further damage to your property. The quicker we get the job done, the quicker you get your life and property back to normal.

Right Tools for the Job

When cleaning your belongings and property, we only use the best tools and equipment. We make sure that we use the best deodorizers to take the smell of the smoke out. A simple airing out of the smoke would not eliminate the smell, which is why we use deodorizers to take out the smell of smoke. The stain left by fire and water is no match for our restoration skills because we clean out any signs left by the fire.

Professional Cleaning

What sets Water Damage Miami from other companies is that we only employ the best professionals to do the job. The professionals at Water Damage Miami will help you restore your items so that there is no need to replace them. We have undergone thorough training to ensure that your home or office will look the same as it was before the fire. We are also trained to ensure that all your items are clean and safe to use. Moreover, we will only use the best method to clean your property and belongings.

The Water Damage Miami Fire Damage Restoration Process

Step 1: Fire Damage Assessment

The first thing that we do when we get to the scene is to assess the damage caused by the fire. We also check for other damages present in the area. Once we have examined the damage of the fire, we assess the necessary steps that need to be done to restore your home or office. Afterward, we list these steps down and present them to you along with the estimated cost of the restoration. We do the estimation and assessment process at no extra cost.

Step 2: Fire Damage Restoration

Once we have finished the assessment, it is time to get to business.
We begin the fire damage restoration immediately to ensure that we can minimize the damage to your property. The most common steps that are undertaken for fire damage restoration are water cleanup and restoration, stain removal, and repainting. Water cleanup is undertaken when there is flood due to a large amount of water needed to put out the fire. The water is dried out to ensure that it can bring no further damage to the property. On the contrary, stain removal is done if the traces left by the fire are rather minimal. However, if the fire damaged your property heavily, it may also be necessary to repaint your property.
Since the effects of a fire can be devastating, some of your valuables cannot be restored to its original stated. On the other hand, we do our best to save as many of your items as necessary because we know that they are valuable for you. Our aim is to help you restore your items and not to replace them. We will use different cleaning methods depending on what is applicable for your valuables and property. If the stain is light, we will use the dry cleaning method by wiping them with a clean mat or rug. We also use the dry cleaning method for pre-cleaning any stain that needs wet cleaning. When the stain is too heavy for dry cleaning, we will use water to clean out the stain. However, if the item that we are cleaning should not be exposed to water, we will use the spray and wipe method. If the item needs a more thorough cleanup, we will use the abrasive cleaning method or we will immerse the items in a tub of cleaning product for easier cleaning.
After the fire damage restoration process is over, no visible traces of the fire will be left on your property.

Step 3: Smoke Removal

After the traces of the fire are eliminated, it is time to remove the odor and smoke left on the property. In order to remove the smoke and smell, we employ the use of the best deodorizers to keep your home smelling fragrant and fresh. We also air out the smoke by opening the windows for better air circulation. This ensures that the air in your home is safe to breathe in.

Step 4: Soot and Ash Cleanup

Once the smell of the smoke is removed, it is time to remove the ashes left by the fire. We will be giving your home a good scrub to keep the soot and ashes away. In addition to this, we will also ensure that no ash and soot will remain on your carpet and upholstery. While this seems like a simple step, it is actually important that a professional will do it after a fire. This is because the particles that are stored with the soot and ash can be dangerous due to the potential reaction that it can have with your products at home.

Step 5: Insurance Claim Processing

At Water Damage Miami, we aim to make thing easier for you. We do not just stop helping you once the fire damage restoration process is done because we will aim to help you even after the cleanup process. Since fire can cause damage that cannot be reversed, we will also help you with the insurance claim processing. We will do an inventory of all the belongings that were damaged by fire to ensure that you can easily claim your insurance. Since we are well-informed about the requirements for your insurance claim, we can assist you better for your peace of mind.

Step 6: Security Board Up

Apart from the fire damage restoration, we will also help you with protecting your perimeter. We will build a temporary fence to protect your home against looters and thieves. It will also provide as a safety measure to avoid children from entering the area while it is still unsafe to reside in. We will also cover and tarp up your roof to prevent potential damage that can be caused by heavy rains or strong winds.

Step 7: Pack up, Moving and Storage

We also offer to pack up, move, and store your belongings during the fire restoration process. This is done to ensure an easier cleanup, but it is also done to protect your belongings. We will safely pack of all your valuables before the fire damage restoration to keep them safe. We will also move them and store them safely as we clean your home. After the fire damage restoration process is done, we will also assist you in moving back to your home to ensure a more organized system.

At Water Damage Miami, we aim to lighten your load after the devastating effects of a fire. Give us a call and we will respond to your needs immediately.

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