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At Water Damage Miami, we offer a wide variety of services to assist both the residential water damage and commercial water damage customer in cleaning up property that has sustained water damage.

When a flood or other incident has caused damage to your property, it can be devastating. The loss of items, some of which may be personal or irreplaceable, is bad enough. When you begin to calculate costs of cleanup and restoration, things can get overwhelming and might ended up leading in a quick sell of the property using any Miami real estate agent. Water Damage Miami has plenty of experience in helping the customer in all steps of water damage restoration, including processing the paperwork involved with your water damage insurance claim

Flood Restoration

Flood Water Damage in Miami

Unfortunately, flooding and water damage in Miami is not an uncommon occurrence. Any source of uncontrolled water can potentially cause serious damage. The small drip of the kitchen or bathroom faucet that never overflowed the basin could one day result in a pool in the same room or even entire house if certain conditions are present. Flood water has been traditionally placed into two categories, black and gray water. Black water is from outside water, such as streams and raw sewage. Gray water will come from within your unit and includes that from the toilet, dishwater, and sinks.

Signs of Water Damage

Although visible water in a building is the most obvious sign of flood damage, there are many other indicators of water damage in Miami. Cracked foundations, rusted pipes, electric shorts, mosquitoes and peeling wood surfaces are potential signs of water damage. Mold or algae formation, a substantial increase in humidity, dampness or stains in walls or ceilings are more definite signs that your property is suffering effects of water damage.

Water Restoration Service in Miami
Water Repair

Sources of Water Damage

A busted pipe or faucet that was not turned off during a trip away from home will lead to the pools of relatively clean water. When this is the case, it is simply a matter of cleaning up in a thorough and timely manner before mold begins to set in. However, if the source of the water is from the outside, such as a storm that brings in water from nearby rivers or similar reservoirs, further contamination could be a problem. The risk of illness from being exposed to pathogens from bacteria from the ground, animal wastes, and rodents from rainwater renders the cleanup job even more serious. Still, there are man-made chemicals that could seep into your property, such as fertilizers, oils, and pesticides, which could both cause damage and short and long term health problems.

Cautions to take after experiencing Water Damage in Miami

Regardless of the source of water damage and flood, Water Damage Miami wants to remind you to take caution when entering a property that has been affected. A call to a professional may be the first step to taken before even returning to the affected commercial or residential building, depending on how extensive the damage is. After a storm, watch for downed power lines around the structure and shut-off power to the building you are ready to inspect. If there is a possibility of any person or animal inside the structure, try to either get them out yourself or call emergency personnel for assistance. Your and everyone’s safety is the most important issue.

Water removal service

Water Damage Restoration Miami's #1 Restoration Company

Water Damage Miami offer solutions for Residential and Commercial restoration services. No matter how big the work is, we are going to be there and with the best solution you can get. With multiple offices in South Florida we offer restoration services all around South Florida.

Water Damage Miami guarantee a response time in 30 minutes or less, with immediate availability. We have an office near you, we're restoration Experts with the #1 Water Damage Restoration service in Miami

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Make sure to visit our FAQ page for more details on our services. If you would like to hire us, expect restoration experts that knows how to handle every single restoration service and will guarantee you're 100% satisfied with their restoration service.

What to Expect From The #1 Water Damage Restoration Company in Miami

We Bill Your Insurance

You might not be informed, but your insurance is responsible for your loss and our public adjuster miami will bill your insurance. We work with all Insurance companies so you don't need to worry about that bill.

Complete Satisfaction

Our Restoration Experts will take care of the entire process from the initial phone call until your complete satisfaction. You'll receive an excellent restoration service with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Best Prices

We offer the best service with a price match or beat estimate of any reputable company. This ensures the best price for our services. Billed directly to your insurance company.

Free Estimate

One of our specialist will complete a thorought walkthrough (at no cost to you or your insurance) and provide you with the same estimate he sends your insurance company.(Surprisingly there are many homeowners that are unaware that their insurance company cover their loss)

Licensed and Insured

Water Damage Restoration is fully licensed and insured to operate and provide all types restoration service

Temporarily Storage Service Providers

Through out our process, we provide storage of all personal items in one of our climate control warehouses if needed, at no additional price.

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