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Frequently Asked Questions

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, also known as the IICRC, has set several standards in how you should proceed with a cleanup after a flood. It gives guidance to both property owners as well as those who work in the industry. Here are a few FAQs you may have answered based on its recommendations for maintaining safety during a flood.


1.Why is Flood Water a Risk to the Health of Living Beings like Humans and Animals?

Flood water containing sewage can be particularly dangerous. It carries multiple pathogens, such as bacteria, fungi, and other substances. Exposure to such can cause illness in healthy people and seriously compromise the health of those already ill with conditions such as immune system disorders. It’s extremely important to avoid contact with items containing this unless you are a trained professional. If you are accidentally exposed, you should seek medical care. Be prepared to offer information on your vaccination history.

2. How Can I Protect Myself from Injury and Illness During a Flood Cleanup?

Protect yourself before you enter an area affected by a flood. Rubber or otherwise protective gloves, protective eyewear, and an organic vapor respiration may need to be worn, depending on the severity of the damage. All of these may be purchased from a hardware store.

3. Is it Possible to Clean and Save All Water Damaged Items?

Know when to say goodbye. Everyone wants to salvage whatever they can. This is especially true if the items have monetary or sentimental value. But you should consider your health first, as some items are difficulty to dry and clean. A building’s drywall, its carpet and the pad beneath it are two things that normally need replacing in a commercial or residential building when they have sustained damage. In a home, bedding and other soft furniture material will usually need to be thrown out. This includes the mattress, pillows, and box springs if they are extensively wet.

4. Are There Any General Precautions I Should Take Before Entering the Flooded Building?

Be aware of your surroundings before entering the flooded building. If a recent storm has caused the damage, watch for downed power lines. Shut off the power source once you are inside from a main source, such as the circuit breakers.If the building looks too dangerous to enter, contact a professional like Water Damage Miami and do not enter at all.

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