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Mold Remediation services in Miami

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Mold Remediation services in Miami


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At Water Damage Miami®, we are experts in mold remediation in Miami. We can help you get the mold out of your home or commercial property, protecting both your investment and your health. Mold growths after water damage, such as flooding, is not only unsightly and damaging to a structure; it’s bad for the health of anyone who has to reside in it. For those with allergies and other breathing issues, it can be seriously harmful or even deadly.

Even worse, you could be sued for not providing a clean and safe environment for them. As a commercial building owner, the last thing you want is a to deal with a lawsuit for failing to guarantee the health of your employees or customers. As a homeowner or apartment or condo dweller, mold is never pleasant to live in and can affect your overall being, both physical and psychological.

Our Mold Remediation Services

  • Mold Inspections
  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Damage Assessment
  • Mold Remediation
  • Surface Bleaching
  • Infected Drywall Replacement
  • Mold Growth Containment
  • Containment Area Disinfection
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Pack up, Moving and Storage

Mold Assessment in Miami

Water Damage Miami can help you get the mold out of your building and restore the structure to new. We perform an assessment the moment we arrive on the premises to see how much and where the mold damage has occurred. Often this process can be as tricky as removing the mold itself. Mold isn’t always visible and likes to breed in areas that are inconspicuous, but eventually its effects will become widespread. In some cases, mold damage may not be visible, but can crop up any time if the affected area is not dried thoroughly.

Mold Remediation and Removal in Miami

When it comes to mold removal, the faster you react, the better. Just like drying out a building after water damage, it’s best to treat the mold condition as soon as possible to kill the spores and prevent them from continuing to grow.

If your property has suffered even a small amount of water damage, don’t wait to let the problem clear up on its own. Contact (786) 540-4735 Water Damage Miami® right away and have them clean up the issue before things get out of control. Often if an affected room or building is cleaned and dried, mold will not begin to grow. This can save you money and time, not to mention health issues in the future.

If you do notice mold, that’s an even better reason to call us. Don’t attempt to treat it yourself with home remedies or even simple over the counter products. Those are best left for small jobs on the patio or cases where your property has not sustained serious damage.

When you let our professionals cleanup the water and handle your mold remediation in Miami, you can rest easy in knowing the problem will be solved thoroughly the first time around.