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Flood Damage Facts You Should Know

Every home owner in Miami, FL and suburbs should be well informed about Flood zones and Water Damage sources so that they can better protect the structure of their homes. Water damage causes structural decay and even health problems. We believe that education about water hazards is therefore essential. As a result, this post offers must-dos and resources on water damage Miami residents can refer to, in order to ensure that they are well prepared in case of emergencies.

Miami-Dade Flood Zone Maps

You can find out the potential flood risks of the area of Miami in which you live. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers detailed maps which reflect the flood risks for Miami-Dade County. You will find them at the official website for the county at www.miamidade.gov.

Refer to the maps and use the web tool to feed in your address. This will show you the map for the area you live in. You can then find out if your home or office is in a flood risk zone.

Information on Water Damage Restoration by the ICRA

If you look up the website put up by the International Cleaning and Restoration Association (ICRA) at icrassociation.org, you’ll find plenty of useful information about what to do in the case of water damage in Miami. The website caters to homeowners and businesses, and offers comprehensive guides on how to approach the different stages of water damage restoration.

Florida homeowners are given very useful tips on how to be prepared, a home inventory guide, disaster plans for the family, emergency plans and other resources. There is also a section for business owners, where they can find out how to be prepared for flooding.

Other resources include sections on water damage insurance, terminology, standards, making a claim and hiring restorers. The website also offers a form where you can post any questions that you have regarding water restoration, insurance or cleaning and experts will get back to you with their answers.

Know The Difference Between Water Damage and Flood Damage

We include this section here because many people have a misconception about the two terms. But it is useful to understand the difference between them. Flood damage is what happens when a flash flood, a storm surge or an overflowing river floods your home. In this case, water is coming into your home from outside. On the other hand, water damage is the kind of damage caused by water that is entering your home from within.

Warning: It’s important to know what each term exactly means for a better understanding of insurance policies, because usually one or the other of the terms are included in insurance policies.

Let Professionals Handle Emergencies

Water damage is an emergency, and when water is concerned, every hour counts. Whether it is a roof leak, flood damage, sewer backflow or any other kind of water damage, Miami residents trust us to be quick to respond. If you are a Miami resident looking for water damage restoration or repairs, you can call us and we will fix your problem for you at the earliest.

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