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How to proceed with fire damage?

Fire Damage 101: The Essential Steps to Take after Fire Damage Hits Your Property

Fire damage is not simply fire damage because the presence of fire damage can lead to water damage and smoke. This is why it is important to know what to do when dealing with the fire damage in one’s property. In order to prevent fire damage, one must practice safety and prevention measures.

However, when worse comes to worst, it is important to know the essentials steps to take after fire damage hits your property. Find out what to do in case fire damage has already hit the home and how to prepare and prevent this occurrence in the article below. Here is everything you need to know about fire damage.

Fire Damage Prevention

As the old adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” This statement is also true for fire damages. No one wishes to experience a fire in their property. This is why it is important to look at the common causes of fire and find ways on how to prevent them.

A. Install Smoke Detectors

As the saying goes, “When there is smoke, there is fire.” This is why it is important to have a device that will alert the residents of the presence of smoke. This is because it may be a sign of fire. It is easier to put out the fire when it is still small.

A smoke detector will allow those that are in the property to evacuate the area quickly. Moreover, they can alert the authorities faster in order to minimize the damage to the property. On top of that, smoke detectors can help reduce casualties since smoke travels faster than fire. The sooner the evacuation of residents is over; there is a lesser chance of fatalities due to inhalation of dangerous gases.

B. Check Electrical Wiring and Appliances

The most common cause of fire around the property is faulty electrical wirings and appliances.  This is why it is important that the appliance and electrical wiring around the home are checked often to ensure that these appliances would not cause the fire or that they would not cause potential fire hazards.

It is also important to check the appliances before buying them. This is because it is vital that they are compliant with standard safety measures. It is also important to be wary of these appliances when they are in use. Small things like unplugging appliances when they are not in use can save a home from further damages caused by fire.

Fire Damage Preparation

A. Create an Evacuation Plan

In case of fire, the most important thing to maintain is calmness. However, this is not an easy task to do. In order to know what to do in case of an emergency, it is important to plan ahead. When a property has a clear evacuation plan, it is easier for the residents to know what to do when leaving the place.

When there is fire, it is important to limit one’s movements. However, limiting one’s movements may seem improbable when one does not know where to go. Having an evacuation plan will eliminate these worries and concerns.

B. Fire Extinguishers

One safety procedure that is often missed out by homeowners is the installation of fire extinguishers around the home. Fire extinguishers are the most effective way to kill fire quickly. When a home is designed with a fire extinguisher, it is easier to put out the fire when the firefighters have not yet reached your home. Fire extinguishers also have an incredible ability to put out the fire, especially during the early stages.

C. Fireproof the Property

Fireproofing a property is essential to prevent fire. There are several ways to fireproof a home, but one of the most popular ways to do it is by using a fireproof paint coating. Commercial Painting Services stated the importance of fireproof coating mechanism in this manner: “The fireproofing coating is used to provide security to many things but most commonly used in industrial construction, residential building including furniture and textiles.

Coating fights with fire in multiple forms, it cools the surface and hence making it difficult to catch fire. It also delays the ignition of underlying structure which is coated with fireproof paint. The fireproof coating has some chemical blended into it; which helps it in providing the insulation to the coated surface and makes it non-flammable to a large extent.

The other mechanism of the fireproof coating is adding chemical which decomposes into fire hinder chemicals such as hydrogen oxide and carbon dioxide when comes in contact with heat. The fire hinder chemical doesn’t allow the fire to inflate and hence help out in extinguishing it.” (http://commercialpaintingservices24.over-blog.com/2016/08/importance-of-fireproofing-coating.html)

Fire Damage Restoration

Once the fire damage is done, the first thing to do is call for help. However, one should call a water damage remediation company that also specializes in fire damage restoration. This will help save the property owner money and time. We will discuss the common steps employed by top water damage Remediation Companies in the event of fire damage.

 A. Assessment

A reliable remediation company would do an assessment first before getting down to business. Since fire damage could also lead to other types of damages, it is important to employ a company that can cover all sorts of damage. Most water damage restoration companies would send a representative of the company to inspect the property.

This will help the property owner waste time or money over unnecessary work. It will be unnecessary to send a truck of workers when only a small portion of the property requires work. During the assessment phase, the restoration company can also provide the property owner with the estimate of the schedule and the budget.

a. Water Damage

You may be wondering, “Why are we talking about water damage when the issue that we are dealing with is fire damage?” It is important to think of the effects that may occur after the firefighting is over. There will be water residue in the property after the effort to put out the fire.

The combination of fire and water damage is hazardous and can cause fatalities. This is why it is best to employ professionals that are equipped to deal with this type of occupational hazard. On top of that, untreated water damage can lead to electrical hazards and mold growth.

When the water damage is treated together with the fire damage, the property owner can save on money and time. Moreover, they would not have to explain the issue separately to several people. On top of that, it is easier to avoid the growth of molds since the untreated water will be taken care of immediately before it becomes stale.

b. Smoke Damage

As we have previously stated, the presence of smoke is indicative of fire. When there is fire, burns are not usually the cause of death. The leading cause of death during a fire is suffocation due to the dangerous gases lingering on the property.

Fire damage remediation should always be coupled with smoke damage remediation. Smoke and soot will still be present even after the fire is gone. This type of damage will only be removed with the use of highly specialized equipment. Moreover, the correct removal of smoke and soot is best done by the experts that have years of training in this type of remediation.

B. Tarp and Board Up the Property

In order to prevent further damages, it is important to tarp the damage during the fire. This is especially important if the damage has only affected a certain area. This can help prevent the damage from affecting other areas. Moreover, it can also avoid the damage from becoming severe.

Tarping and sealing the property can prevent outside contaminants from infiltrating the property. When rain is able to enter the house, it can cause more damage than necessary. This step is able to ensure that damage can be minimized or it does not go beyond than the damage that is already present.

The board up of the property is done in order to prevent outsiders that have poor intention from coming into the house. This step is also done to act as a security measure until the restoration is done. In the event that fire damage remediation process is beginning, the doors and windows should have a board-up for the owner’s security and the protection of the property.

C. Cleanup and Sanitation

It is important to clean up the area to remove the odor present on the property. During the cleanup step, the surfaces are wiped to remove any ash buildups that are present after the fire. This is also helpful in removing the soot.

Before the actual repair and restoration process, it is important to sort out the belongings found inside the property. There are pieces of furniture that are not actually affected by the fire but are just covered in ashes. It is necessary to know the items that can be salvaged and the items that need repair or restoration.

It is also important to deodorize and sanitize the property to prevent molds and bacteria from affecting the area. This is due to the fact that these organisms can cause harm to both the property and the health of those that reside on the affected area.

D. Repair and Restoration

For the actual repair and restoration, the remediation company will revive the property to its condition before the fire happened. In order to achieve this, it is important that the property owner hires a company that deals with the issue in a speedy manner to prevent the damage from being too severe.

It is important to remove any visible traces of fire. In addition to this, it is important that structural repair is done to prevent the collapse of the property. When one wishes to save pieces of furniture, a reliable remediation company will be able to restore salvageable items. On another hand, it is also important to separate the items that are in excellent condition to prevent any further damage that may occur.

Important Note: Never DIY Fire Damage Restoration

Similar to water damage remediation, fire damage restoration is not a DIY task. There are several benefits to the professional restoration of water or fire damage. As we have stated in a previous blog “When you call a water damage restoration company, you would be surprised at how quickly they respond and finish the task. You may think that they are not doing the job completely, but their quick response is attributed to their experience with the job. It will be easier to deal with the problem if you know where to look.

hen you have years of experience in the business, you would know the key areas that have water damage restoration problem. The most common areas are the bathroom and the kitchen, but water damage experts know where to look for further troubles. If you know where to look, it cuts your working time in half. Therefore, you may save up on time and effort when you work with a professional water damage restoration company.”

For more information regarding the dangers of DIY Water Damage Restoration, feel free to click this link and read more about this topic.


Fire damage is not a topic that one should take lightly due to the dangers associated with this damage. Now that we know all about fire damage, our greatest takeaway is that fire damage restoration should be done by the experts. Apart from the safety procedures that one must employ when there is fire damage, it is important to call the experts.

This is why it is essential to call a company that understands the needs of a property that has been plagued with fire damage. With Water Damage Miami, the response is immediate and the results are exceptional. For any concerns regarding fire damage and the likes, feel free to call Water Damage Miami at (786) 540-4735 or send us a message via our official website.

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