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Hurricane season be prepared with this checklist

Hurricane Checklist for Property Managers

The spaghetti models of the hurricane seen on the television and hand held gadgets just show the path of the twister. You can locate the eye, further but cannot predict the points of impact precisely as the revolutions are not symmetrical during the course of the hurricane movements.

If you had ever weathered through one storm or Hurricane then most probably you would attest to the uncertainties that might come along with hurricanes. For all those people who have experienced the hurricanes like Harvey and IRMA last year tracking the spaghetti models of the hurricanes and watching the devastation that were caused on the potential path to destroy  many properties, need know demonstrations. They will do know better about how we feel totally out of control during one Hurricane. So as to get prepared before the Hurricane season it is imperative to keep a checklist that can assist you to control and instill better confidence in the minds of your renters.

Flashlights that operate without batteries

Trendy Flashlights are available in the market now. You do not have to use the batteries to switch it on. Just twist and turn the light, and it is switched on. The crankshaft principle of operations in these latest model flashlights are on hot demand in the market now especially for the hurricane season. No one knows when there will be a power outage. In case if there is no power then these flash lights can come in handy. You do not have to search for batteries. Just shake it and the flash light is on. You can recommend that to the tenants too. There are inbuilt radios in these lights as well, to stay tuned to the latest updates.

Beach chairs that is foldable

Beach chairs are meant to be used during the hurricane season in particular to store gallons of tubs underneath it. You save space in that way. At the same time, the dimensions are precise enough to be allowed in the shelter units to carry along with you. So, you can use it as a tool kit to take all the needful things along with you in this emergency container, in case of excavation. If you are living in the flood prone zones of the state, then this is one inevitable need for the local residents in particular.

Inventory maintenance

Before the confusions that come in just ahead of the Hurricane season, you have to take time to collect all the information you will want just before the storm. Remember the property portfolio of any owner will have to change from one year to the other. New rentals may come in. Make sure that you have updated the names, phone numbers and much other important information about your rentals in your diary already.

Who is residing currently in your properties and their personal Individual contact details, must be available in your diary to use in case of emergency. Similarly, we make sure that the numbers of the service providers are also completely up to date in your desktop computers, in mobile phones, or even in the personal diary that you keep in your draw. The landscaping pros and the general contractor’s phone numbers must be on top of the list always.

You need to check the current service agreement and important priority clauses that are mentioned in the agreement. Just after the hurricane, the renters will anticipate that the property owner must fix all the damages just in time. So, the service providers must be having your call on top priority to come and fix the issues readily right away.

Fixing issues then and there

When you can bring the service providers immediately for rescue and fixing operations then you can win the Goodwill of the renters. If you are not including the priority clauses, in the present services agreement then you can still renegotiate these clauses or redo with relevant points mentioned in the new contract.

Pool damages

If you are looking for the landscapers as well as the swimming pool installers just after the storm then you cannot find an appointment so easily. They are busy. So you need to be on top priority in their list and you have to inform them well in advance to get the needful done. If their numbers are readily available then inform them well in advance.

Planning is important

It is a wise idea to designate an exclusive project crew for communicating with you during the Hurricane times. The crew must update you about the happenings in the property during the Hurricane times. The crew must cooperate with the employees of the organization also. Perfect balance between the employees of the organization and the project team can be difficult to be established without your patient coordination.

Remember each single employee’s plight will be very different from what you might even expect during the time of storm. They might not be in a position to help the renters during the storm or even after the hurricane. For all those employees who are in the high risk zones of the city you need to give them a lending hand for a collective cause. The project team must be identifying such employees who are residing in vulnerable areas.

First aid kits

These employees must be offered that Hurricane aid. You can make a complete list of responsibilities for each stage of hurricane. The roles and responsibilities of the project crew before the Hurricane and after Hurricane must be demonstrated without fail. You can discuss with them about the roles and responsibilities of the employees of the organization also. It is good if you can revisit the organization’s policies related to the hurricane precautionary measures to find if anything has to be altered.

For example, you can make fresh amendments for this year’s Hurricane season about drilling holes in the property. You can change the policies about using the plywood in different windows of the property. It is the case with the usage of the storm shutters as well as the sand bags and so on.

Invariably all the renters particularly the new ones might have great deal of expectations about the responsibility of the organizations management towards hurricane preparation and rescue services. Having said that, it is important for you to have clear definitions in your policy agreements to meet the expectations of the tenant’s prior to Hurricane and even post Hurricane period.

Prepare your tenants and the residents in the property

Even the best-experienced folks with the worst hurricanes, will panic just before the hurricane hits. In that case, you can imagine the plight of the new renters, especially when it is the first time they are facing hurricane. When you can give sense of assurance by making adequate preparations, you are giving them strong guidance as a property owner.

It is important that you must communicate with your renters for doing the Hurricane preparation as a concern of safety if not like a review of the policies of your organization. Make them understand that you are helping the renters to identify the areas where there are possibilities for flood and the need for evacuation as per the local counties instructions.

Shelters near the clubhouses

If you are giving them directions how to make a detailed plan and know the possible options in case of a distress, situation then that can help them quite a lot. Most of the clubhouses are not ideal places that are designated for shelter during a storm. It is your duty to remind them about these important aspects even though they might be aware of these obvious facts. Renters insurance policy must be we reviewed again just before the Hurricane Times.

Flood insurance papers

A good example for this is the last years Hurricane Harvey.  Most of the homeowners who were affected by the devastating Hurricane Harvey did not have flood insurance to recover from the disaster quickly. There is a prevalent misunderstanding when it comes to the coverage aspects of the renter’s insurance policies. So make sure that the renters are completely aware of the clauses mentioned in the renters insurance first.

That is how they can come to an informed decision before the Hurricane hits them in their territory. The spaghetti models are going to give you only the track of the Hurricane. The impact of the Hurricane is unpredictable in any territory. That could be identified only based on the eye of the storm that is passing through the city but that cannot give you the exact impact potential zones for you to do the preparations accordingly.

The spaghetti models

It is essential to communicate all the important organizational policies to the renters and the employees related to the after Hurricane maintenance and repair work. You need to make sure that the resources are available to the renters for them to prepare. Your good Hurricane checklist must be kept in your home as well as a copy must be available with the dentist and the employers too.

Most of the renters will definitely want to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves during the Hurricane period and involve in activities like drilling nails in the walls to cause damage to the property. Let the renters know about the important policies of the organization related to drilling holes in the exteriors of the building walls.

Whether it is to hang the plywood or to hang the storm shutters, the needful information must be mentioned in the organizational policies. If you are interested to take some precautions before the storm then let the renters know about it. It can be something like trimming the trees or anything else to protect the building structure. Let them know before the hurricane. If you are the property owner to send a project crew to the facility to inform the residents to take systematic safety precautions then that, boost the confidence of the renters to feel that you have everything under control.

Staying in control

While you have, the employees plan and also the renter’s plans in place already now it is time for you as a team to try to weather the storm. You have to weather the hurricane both literally as well as metaphorically.

It is important that you will maintain contact with all the renters prior to Storm and even after the storm to the best extents possible. When you do that then you are making the renters feel better and also confident.

Most of the time, it is the renters concern about what can happen worse, more than what could happen in reality.  So, you need to be the source of stability for them to understand the situation and stay complacent, all the while. There are all possibilities for power outages to occur.

There are all possibilities for cell phone outages to occur. Despite all these miserable situations, you need to keep in track as much as possible with renters as well as the employees, which would show your genuine concern to be a good mentor and guide. Just after the Hurricane, you need to call every contact persons, and enquire about the safety in that particular place; if there is any property, damages that can be reported immediately.

Communication and first hand report from the renters

Initially the primary focus will be to get to know about the renter’s safety. Next comes in the information updates about the damages to the property. You need to note down the list of repair work to be done in different areas. There are some areas where you can file claims to the Insurance Company. There are some other areas where you have to spend your own money to address to the needs.

Make a note of everything in detail for you to do the needful at the earliest possible. Property maintenance and repair becomes easier altogether when you are well, organized. Get organized for the Hurricane season now. The property managers who are lacking planning skills can suffer. When you are well-planned and executing things to perfection even during miserable situations to keep things in your control then you can win the renters Goodwill on the long-term. 

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