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How Public Adjusters Work With Restoration Companies

Public adjusters and restoration companies can help you if your property was recently destroyed or severely damaged by a disaster. The former helps you secure the funds you need from your insurance carrier, while the latter does the work of repairing your property. But how do these two groups work with one another? Do they even work together at all? The answer can be more complicated than you think. 

Although public adjusters and restoration companies share the same goals, they have very different tasks and these tasks rarely overlap with one another. So if you would like to know how public adjusters work with home restoration companies then here’s the information you need. 

Can You Hire A Public Adjuster Who Also Represents A Restoration Company? 

No. In fact, it’s illegal for public contractors to take on the role of contractors and vice versa. If a public adjuster were to act as contractors for their clients, their actions would be considered a conflict of interest and may result in legal action. 

However, public adjusters may advise you on how to find and choose a restoration company at your town. For example, they can tell you about the standard rates and services offered by restoration companies in your community. They can also tell you about the types of equipment and materials used by restoration companies in carrying out their work. 

Additionally, your public adjuster can also offer you information on how to choose the right home restoration company to work on your property. For example, they can teach you about local and state laws regarding home restorations services, or they can advise you on the standard rates offered by most home restoration companies in your area.

So even if public adjusters cannot participate in the actual restoration process, they can still offer you some valuable advice. 

What Are the Limits of a Public Adjuster’s Duties? 

It’s important to point out that your public adjuster’s only job is to negotiate with your insurance company. Once the final agreement has been made, your public adjuster’s job is done and you are on your own. They will not help you with your property’s restoration process, nor will they speak with your restoration contractors. 

However, there are situations where the restoration process begins even while negotiations are ongoing. These situations happen whenever the damages are urgent, or the negotiations between the public adjusters and the insurance companies have stalled. In such situations, it’s not unusual for public adjusters to speak with their client’s home restoration contractors in order to discuss certain details. 

Can Your Public Adjuster Refer You to A Restoration Company?

public adjuster restoration company partnership

Yes, they can. If you need help finding a reliable home restoration company, your public adjuster may refer you to certain contractors in your area. However, you are under no obligation to use their recommendations, and it’s ultimately up to you to decide whom to hire.  

Situations Where Public Adjusters May Interact With Their Clients’ Restoration Companies 

Here are several examples of situations where a public adjuster may interact with their client’s restoration company: 

  1. 1. When the client requests the public adjuster to speak with the restoration company – Sometimes, a client may request his public adjuster to speak with his restoration company, in which case, the latter has to comply. 

Perhaps the client wants the public adjuster to examine his restoration company’s credentials, or maybe he would like the restoration company’s investigators to provide his public adjuster with additional information. Either way, both the public adjuster and the restoration contractor should comply with their client’s wishes. 

  1. 2. When the restoration company finds new information – Many public adjusters are also trained investigators but they may occasionally miss an important clue. If the restoration company manages to find this missing clue or item of interest, and negotiations with the client’s insurance carrier is still ongoing, then the restoration company may be obligated to present their findings to the public adjuster to help them with their work. 
  1. 3. If the public adjuster needs additional information– Sometimes, a public adjuster may require help calculating the total cost of damages to their client’s property, in which case they may speak with the restoration company to reach a more accurate estimate. 

Additionally, there are cases where the public adjuster may require the restoration contractor’s expertise with regards to a particular topic. For example, if the client’s home is infested with a rare strain of mold, they may ask the restoration company to provide an estimate on how much it would take to remove the mold spores completely. 

  1. 4. If there’s a legal issue involved – There are cases where legal issues may complicate negotiations with a person’s insurance carrier. If a restoration company encounters such issues, they are obligated to inform their clients, who, in turn, will inform his public adjuster.

Likewise, if a public adjuster requires additional information on a specific matter, he may speak with his client’s restoration company. For example, if the client’s home was damaged by a fire, and the restoration company’s investigator discovers evidence that the accident may have been arson then they are obligated to inform the public adjuster.  

  1. 5. When the public adjuster wants a second opinion – Insurance companies have their own insurance adjusters, and their job is to gather information that will help their clients (i.e. insurance companies) during negotiations. When a public adjuster wants to contest the findings gathered by these private insurance adjusters, they may speak with their client’s restoration contractors to look for evidence that may help them argue their case. 

As you may have noticed, most situations where public adjusters work with restoration companies involve information. However, such situations are often few and far between, and if the public adjuster already has a strong case, then he will have no reason to work with his client’s home restoration company.

So if you’re planning to hire a public adjuster and a restoration company to work on your home, don’t expect either of them to work together except under specific circumstances. 

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