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What To Do When There’s a Water Leak On Your Kitchen

When you notice that your kitchen remains damp and moist even if you have not turned on the faucet, there is a high chance that there is a water leak on your kitchen sink. Once you are certain that water is leaking on your kitchen sink, your first instinct is to cover up the hole. However, you might cause more damage to your kitchen sink when you are unequipped to fix the hole in your sink. There is no need to panic since we will guide you on what to do when there is a water leak on your kitchen sink.

Problem Assessment

In order to determine the gravity of the problem, it is important to find where the leak is coming from. You might be made aware of a water leak by your water bill since the bill will skyrocket when compared to previous months.  There are several water sources in your kitchen and it might be troublesome to find it. However, it is difficult to solve the problem if you do not have any idea what is the cause of the problem.

How to Find Water Leak in your Kitchen Sink

In order to solve the problem, you must first locate where the leak is coming from.  It can be due to a broken pipeline or a leaking faucet. However, there are times when the source could be coming from other sources such as a leaky ceiling.

If you find that the leak is coming from inside the walls, it will be hard to fix this problem. However, the cause of this issue is probably a busted pipeline. This is going to be evident when the wall is constantly moist even when there is no water source nearby.

Another reason for water leaks is a leaky faucet, which is a common cause due to the presence of several faucets in your kitchen. Your sink will be consistently wet even when you have completely turned off your faucet.

In addition to this, another potential cause for water leak is unattended and faulty appliances. For example, your refrigerator can have a hole on the tube, which can cause continuous leaking that can eventually lead to a puddle. Another potential appliance that can cause flooding is your dishwasher or your water heater.

Oftentimes, the source of the water leak can be found above your kitchen sink. This is unsurprising since most homes can usually have a hole on their roofs. However, another potential reason for this is a busted pipeline on the ceiling. The quality of water will help you determine the source of the water leak. When the water is clean, the source of the water will be from the ceiling. However, unclean water is proof that the water leak comes from the roof.

Other Potential Issues

You may think that a water leak is just a water leak, but it also raises other potential problems. A water leak can also cause sanitary and health issues. Since moisture can cause mold buildup, it is dangerous for one’s health. When a person is exposed to molds, this can cause allergies and respiratory problems.

This can also cause destruction to property, especially when wood has been soaked in water for a long period. This can weaken the structural integrity of your walls and floors, which can lead to accidents. In turn, water leaks can also cause aesthetic damage.

Problem Solving

Now that you know what the problem is, it is time to solve the water leak issue on your home. However, there are other precautions that you must do before help arrives at your home.

Safety Precaution

  • If the water leak is near an electrical plug, you must be certain that no appliance is plugged in to avoid electrical shocks
  • Do not consume food or water that was exposed to water damage
  • Use bottled water or disinfected water only
  • Clean and sanitize surfaces exposed to water damage
  • Shut off water valves if the pipeline is extremely damaged
  • Wipe flooded area with a rag or cloth
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Wash hands immediately after handling item exposed to water leak

Temporary Solution

There are causes of water leaks that can be provided with a temporary solution. You can do DIY troubleshooting methods when needed. However, these steps can only be done if the issue is not an extreme situation. Moreover, if you do not have technical expertise and the right equipment to handle the problem, you can cause further damage to the problems.


Leaking Faucet

You must shut off the handle that is connected to the faucet to ensure that water would not leak further. Next, you must plug the drain to prevent any parts of the faucet from falling into the sink. Before you can do any serious repair, you must know the type of faucet that you have.

A typical kitchen sink would have a compression faucet, which means that there is a handle for cold water and a handle that is meant for hot water. However, there are still other faucet types like the ball faucet, the cartridge faucet, and the ceramic-disk faucet.

In order to fix the leak properly, you must know how to take them apart and take them back. Once you know all this, you can seal up the leak on the faucet to prevent further water damage on your sink.


Hole in your Pipeline

When the pipeline has holes, you can patch them up to prevent further water leaks. Similar to a faulty faucet, you must ensure that the water supply connected to the pipe has been shut off. It is also important to ensure that there is no remaining water on the pipe.

Once this is over, you must ensure that the pipe has been dried out to ensure that there will be no rust buildup. You can choose to wipe it with a dry towel or you can opt to let it air dry. There are several methods that will help you ensure that no water will leak from the pipe.

You can choose to seal with a water-resistant tape to ensure that water would not leak. You can also seal it with epoxy to keep water from leaking through the hole. Another way to block off the leak is by using a rubber tape and sealing it off with a rubber clamp.

Permanent Solution

If you want the problem to be solved like it never happened, you must get in touch with a water restoration company. This is because these types of companies will know how to deal with the problem and ensure that it is properly dealt with.

First, they employ highly specialized equipment that can permanently fix the problem. On top of that, they can replace broken pipes with better technical capacity and a higher accuracy. When dealing with soaked walls or ceilings, it is safer for the homeowner to have someone that is trained when it comes to fixing these damages.

Next, when you choose to employ the services of a water damage restoration company, you can be certain that you can just kick your feet up as they fix the cause of the problem. This is due to the fact that these companies are trained to help you until the problem is fixed and they can even help you claim your insurance benefits.

Problem Prevention

In order to prevent problems from arising, you must apply preventative measures. You can fix the base of the faucet to ensure that water would not leak through it. If there is any sign of deterioration on your kitchen sink, you must fix it immediately in order to prevent further damage to the kitchen sink.

When it comes to pipelines, it is important to protect them during winter time. This is because the likelihood that your pipeline will burst is higher during colder climates. When dealing with your kitchen sink, you must check the key points where most leaks are usually found. The visible points are the rim of the sink and the faucet base. On the other hand, you should also check the slip joints along the waste line, the supply line connection, and the shutoff valve.

When to Call Help

If the problem is beyond your control, you must immediately call a reputable water damage company before the issue goes out of hand. You can give Water Damage Miami a call and they would deal with the problem firsthand.

When the problem is found behind the walls or on your ceiling, the problem will simply go out of hand and it will become nearly impossible for you to solve it on your home. In addition to this, a water damage company is able to restore your home to its original state.

If you are looking for a water damage company that will respond to your needs in the quickest manner, you can call Water Damage Miami at(786) 540-4735.

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